Sainsbury’s Tu Shoppers Embrace Stylish £18 Pyjama Set for Daytime Outings

18 June 2023

Sainsbury’s has become a fashion destination for shoppers seeking vibrant and fashionable additions to their summer wardrobes, with one particular item from the Tu clothing range garnering significant attention. The Pink Floral Print Shortie Pyjamas, initially intended for bedtime attire, have found themselves in the spotlight as customers express their desire to wear them on outings.

As the holiday season approaches, Sainsbury’s Tu range has introduced numerous new arrivals, including a collection of short nightwear perfect for warmer nights. Among them, the Pink Floral Print Shortie Pyjamas have stolen the limelight. This set features a short-sleeved button shirt and matching shorts adorned with a captivating pastel flower print.

Despite being categorized as pyjamas, shoppers have been captivated by the set’s charm, with many asserting its suitability for daytime wear. Commenting on the Tu Instagram page, one enthusiastic individual exclaimed, “I definitely think I’d wear these in the evening with heels and jewellery.” The sentiment was echoed by others, with one person declaring, “PJs? I’d be wearing them out!” and another exclaiming, “I want this as an outfit!”

The pyjama set has garnered widespread admiration, with shoppers expressing their fascination and describing it as “lush” and “stunning.” One delighted fan applauded the bold and vibrant print, stating, “Love seeing bold, vibrant prints – we need more of this.”

Sainsbury’s Tu offers several similarly colorful additions to their pyjama section, including the Pink & Blue Leaf Print Shortie Pyjamas, featuring the same style and priced at £18. For a more budget-friendly option, customers can choose the Pastel Parasol Print Shortie Pyjamas or the Tropical Pineapple Shortie Pyjamas, both priced at £12 for the set, which consist of a t-shirt and shorts.

For those who prefer longer pyjama bottoms, Sainsbury’s Tu provides a variety of eye-catching options. The Green Botanical Print Cami Pyjamas, priced at £18, offer a vest and cropped trousers combination. Alternatively, the Orange Fruit Market Pyjamas set, available for £16, presents a unique t-shirt and trousers ensemble.

For customers in search of vibrant pyjamas elsewhere on the high street, Primark proves to be a go-to destination. Their satin shirt and shorts sets, priced at £14, offer a range of stylish choices, including bright pink stripes, neon animal prints, and butterfly motifs. Additionally, the Patterned Pyjama Set, available in three quirky patterns, comes with a £12 price tag.

As fashion-conscious individuals embrace the Pink Floral Print Shortie Pyjamas from Sainsbury’s Tu, the versatile and stylish nature of sleepwear-inspired fashion continues to captivate shoppers across the UK.

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