Sainsbury’s Sets Up Pop-Up Shop to Provide Commuters with Dinner Inspiration

21 June 2023

Recent research conducted by Sainsbury’s has unveiled an intriguing aspect of commuters’ lives—deciding what to cook for dinner is a prominent concern for many, with 74% admitting to contemplating their evening meal plans during their journey home.

However, the study also revealed that mid-week dinners often lack variety due to the on-the-go mindset prevalent among commuters. A staggering 63% of consumers confessed to struggling with ideas for healthy dinner options, with 32% attributing this difficulty to a lack of inspiration.

Recognizing the need to inject excitement and creativity into commuters’ culinary routines, Sainsbury’s is taking action. The supermarket giant has devised a two-day pop-up shop in the bustling locale of London’s Kings Cross, aimed at offering busy commuters convenient grab-and-go meal kits. These kits, priced at a mere 50p, will contain ingredients sourced from Sainsbury’s Inspired to Cook range, as well as fresh ingredients and corresponding recipes for preparing the meals at home.

The proceeds from the sale of these meal kits will be generously donated to Comic Relief, underscoring Sainsbury’s commitment to social responsibility. In fact, as part of a broader initiative, Sainsbury’s has pledged to contribute 50p to Comic Relief for every Inspired to Cook product sold in-store and online until July 11. This collaboration between Sainsbury’s and Comic Relief, known as the Nourish the Nation program, aims to address the pressing issue of food poverty both now and in the future. The supermarket chain hopes that this six-week endeavor, launched on May 31, will generate at least £3 million for the program throughout the summer.

The DINspiration pop-up shop will be conveniently situated outside London Kings Cross station, open to commuters on June 26 and 27 from 5 pm to 7 pm. Within these meal kits, commuters will discover a diverse range of ingredients needed to prepare tantalizing recipes such as Teriyaki Stir Fry and Harissa Chicken Traybake.

Ruth Cranston, Sainsbury’s Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, expressed her hopes for the pop-up shop to infuse commuters’ mealtimes with newfound flavors. Sainsbury’s Inspired to Cook range has been meticulously curated to inspire customers’ culinary choices, making it easier for them to cook fresh, nutritious meals. Additionally, Cranston highlighted the positive impact of Sainsbury’s donation of 50p from each Inspired to Cook product sold until July 11, emphasizing that this range not only satisfies taste buds but also contributes to a worthy cause.

All funds raised from the sales will be channeled to Comic Relief, a longstanding charity partner for Sainsbury’s, as part of the Nourish the Nation initiative. Through this initiative, Sainsbury’s is striving to prevent individuals from experiencing food poverty, both presently and in the future.

As Sainsbury’s sets up its innovative pop-up shop, commuters can anticipate a delightful burst of flavor and inspiration to enhance their mealtimes. With the added bonus of supporting Comic Relief’s commendable work, this endeavor not only satisfies cravings but also makes a meaningful impact in tackling food poverty across the nation.

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