Employee Benefits

At Sainsbury’s, we believe in the importance of providing exceptional employee benefits that go beyond just a paycheck. Our comprehensive employee benefits program is designed to support the well-being and satisfaction of our valued colleagues. From financial perks to work-life balance initiatives, we strive to create a positive and rewarding work environment. Let’s explore the exciting array of benefits we offer:

Employee Benefits Program list

Colleague Discount Card:

From the moment you join our team, you’ll be eligible for a 10% discount on your shopping at Sainsbury’s, Argos, and Habitat. You can even nominate a second user for your card, extending the list of employee benefits to your loved ones who reside at the same address.

Annual Bonus Scheme:

We understand the importance of recognizing and rewarding hard work. Our annual bonus schemes vary across different sites and roles, but they all share a common feel-good factor, giving you an additional incentive for your dedication.


Planning for the future is crucial, and we’re here to support you. As part of our pension scheme, we automatically enroll you, offering free life cover equivalent to a year’s pay. By choosing to contribute more with Step Up, you can increase your pension and life cover.


We value the importance of rest and relaxation. While holiday allowances may differ based on roles, we provide a paid holiday entitlement that grows as your career progresses, ensuring you have the time to recharge and spend quality moments with loved ones.


Awards for Long Service:

We deeply appreciate the dedication of our long-serving colleagues. To celebrate their commitment and loyalty, we have special recognition programs in place to reward and commemorate their significant milestones.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP):

Your well-being matters to us. Our confidential and free Employee Assistance Programme offers short-term support, including counseling, legal advice, and debt guidance, ensuring that you have the resources you need during challenging times.

Health Cash Plans:

Take control of your health and well-being with our health cash plans. These plans allow you to claim back money for managing and maintaining your everyday health expenses, providing peace of mind and financial support.

Cycle to Work Scheme:

Embrace a healthier and eco-friendly commute by taking advantage of our cycle to work scheme. Hire a brand new bike and cycling equipment from Sainsbury’s, and enjoy a 10% discount on the bike’s cost. You’ll save on tax and National Insurance while contributing to a greener planet.

Family-Friendly Policies:

We understand the importance of family and offer supportive policies for colleagues who are starting or expanding their families. Our enhanced leave policies provide paid maternity leave and paternity leave options, as well as flexible working arrangements, enabling you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Sainsbury’s is dedicated to fostering a supportive and rewarding work environment for our valued colleagues. Through our comprehensive employee benefits package, we aim to enhance your overall work experience, promote well-being, and acknowledge your hard work and dedication. Join our team and enjoy the multitude of advantages that come with being a part of the Sainsbury’s family.


What is the employee discount card, and how does it work?

The Employee discount card offers a 10% discount on shopping at Sainsbury’s, Argos, and Habitat, allowing nominated users at the same address to benefit as well.

What does the pension benefit scheme offer?

The pension scheme includes automatic enrollment, free life cover equivalent to a year’s pay, and the option to increase benefits through Step Up contributions.

How does holiday entitlement work?

Holiday allowances vary by role, but all employees receive paid holiday entitlement that grows with their career progression.

Are there any rewards for long-serving employees?

Yes, we have awards and recognition programs in place to celebrate the commitment and loyalty of our long serving colleagues.

What is the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), and how can it help?

The EAP is a confidential and free service that provides short-term support, including counseling, legal advice, and debt guidance, to support employees’ well-being.

Can I access health cash benefits through Sainsbury’s?

Yes, we offer health cash plans that allow employees to claim back money for managing everyday health expenses, promoting overall well-being.

What is the cycle to work-scheme, and how does it benefit employees?

The cycle to work scheme offers a 10% discount on bike costs, providing savings on tax and National Insurance while encouraging eco-friendly commuting.

What family-friendly benefit policies are available?

We offer enhanced leave policies, including paid maternity leave, paternity leave, and flexible working options to support employees in balancing work and family commitments.