Mysainsburys – Login To Sainsbury’s Employee Portal

Mysainsburys is an online employee portal designed for Sainsbury’s employees to access to the resources such as HR policies & services, Payroll, Work Schedules and paystubs online. It helps working employees to manage their work schedules, view and request shift changes, and access the employee benefits. The Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal can explore and manage their benefits packages, access information regarding healthcare, retirement plans, and other perks offered by the Sainsbury’s Supermarket.

Through Online Portal, conveniently access and update their personal information, such as contact details and banking details. Additionally, they can view and manage their work schedules, request time off, and access important HR documents, such as pay statements and tax forms. The employee portal offers a range of training and development resources, including e-learning modules and skill-building workshops. The Portal offers features that promote a healthy and supportive work environment.

Login to Mysainsburys Portal

Sainsbury’s Employees can Log in to Mysainsburys’s Portal. With a user-friendly interface and robust security measures, that ensures to access the resources and information they need.

On the Mysainsburys Learning Login page, Enter your Email, Phone or Skype name in the required field and enter "Next".
  • On the Learning Login page, Enter your Email, Phone or Skype name in the required field and enter “Next“.
  • The page redirects to the password page, Enter Password then click on “Sign in” button.
  • This may include a multi-factor authentication process, where your account is required to verify their identity by entering security code sent to their registered email or mobile device.
  • After successful authentication, employees gain access to account dashboard, where they can explore a range of features and resources.
  • After successful LOG IN, from employee portal you may view and updating personal information, accessing pay statements, requesting time off, browsing company news and announcements, participating in discussion forums, and accessing training and development materials.

If you are unable to log in, Need to check whether you have entered correct email and password. If you have entered incorrect password, then go to the Mysainsburys learning login page and click on “Forgot password” button to reset the password. Here we are provided the easy method to reset passcode, just follow the below mentioned steps.

How to Reset Sainbury’s employee password?

If you’re unable to log in, you can easily reset your Sainbury’s employee account password. Here is a step-by-step guide :

Mysainsburys Learning Login page
  • From the Sign in page, enter your Email, Phone, or Skype and click on “Next” button.
  • Then click on Forgot Password to recover your account.
  • In the password recovery form, you may need to enter Email, Phone or Skype name for identification, and then click on “Next“.
  • Select your mail which was given while registration process, and click on “Get code
  • For verification Purpose, Enter code which was sent your mail address. Click on “Next“.
  • Once your identity is confirmed, you will be prompted to Reset your password.
  • To Reset, choose a New password & Re-enter password that meets the specified requirements, such as a minimum number of characters or the inclusion of special characters.
  • After resetting password, it is important to save password in a secure place to ensure you can easily access it in the future.
  • Return to the Mysainsburys Learning Login Page and enter your username & password to login.

If you encounter any difficulties during the password recovery process, it is recommended to reach out to your company’s IT support or HR department for further assistance. They can provide guidance and ensure a smooth recovery, allowing you to regain access.

About Sainbury’s plc

Sainsbury’s plc, officially known as J Sainsbury plc, is a Second largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. Established in 1869 by John James Sainsbury, the company started with a store located in Drury Lane, London. Throughout the 20th century, Sainsbury’s plc held the position of the largest grocery retailer in the UK. However, in 1995, Tesco surpassed Sainsburys to become the market leader. Since then, It has consistently been ranked as the second or third largest supermarket chain in the country.

Sainsbury’s Employee Benefits

Here is a list of employee benefits offered by Sainsbury’s Company:

  1. Competitive pay and regular salary reviews.
  2. Opportunities for pay progression.
  3. Flexible working options, including part-time schedules, job sharing, and remote work arrangements.
  4. Comprehensive healthcare coverage, including medical, dental, and vision plans.
  5. Wellness programs, such as gym memberships, wellness workshops, and employee assistance programs.
  6. Pension scheme and retirement planning support.
  7. Life insurance coverage.
  8. Savings and investment plans.
  9. Employee discounts on products and services.
  10. Exclusive offers and discounted rates on leisure activities, travel, and entertainment options.
  11. Training and development programs.
  12. Mentorship opportunities.
  13. Career progression pathways.
  14. Recognition programs for outstanding performance.
  15. Maternity and paternity leave.
  16. Employee referral programs.
  17. Employee recognition and appreciation initiatives.
  18. Access to employee resource groups and networks.
  19. Volunteering and community engagement opportunities.
  20. Employee counseling and support services.

Please note that the specific employee benefits offered may vary and it’s always best to consult theHR department for the most up-to-date information.


Mysainsburys is an online employee portal designed for Sainsbury’s employees to access to the resources such as HR policies & services, Payroll, Work Schedules and paystubs online. It provides convenient access to a wide range of resources and tools, enhancing the overall employee experience and facilitating efficient communication and collaboration within Sainsbury’s Supermarkets.

It offers various features, including access to payslips, holiday requests, and personal information updates. It allows employees to manage their employment-related tasks conveniently and independently. The employee portal empowers and reduces the reliance on manual paperwork or lengthy administrative procedures.

It may also facilitate team collaboration through features such as document sharing, internal messaging, and discussion forums, enhancing cross-departmental communication and cooperation. Additionally, employee portal often offers learning and development resources, including training modules, online courses, and knowledge databases. This enables working employees to enhance their skills, acquire new knowledge, and pursue their professional growth within the organization. This employee portal software can also serve as a platform for performance management, where employees and managers can track goals, provide feedback, and assess progress.


Where can I get Mysainsbury’s HR Contact Information ?

HR information is available via email or phone number : Here is Human Resources – 0800 707 6242 , DT Service Desk – 0345 603 2282 , Bank ,Service Desk – 0345 603 4401, Depot Service Desk – 0345 603 5538

What is the difference between Sainsbury’s and Tesco?

When compared to Tesco, Sainsbury’s have 50% of supermarkets ie., 2000 stores, but attracts most young people with their products & services.

How can I download mySainsburys payslips alias P60 form ?

You need not download your mySainsburys P60 payslips seperately as the company sends it to your registered email address in the month of june every year.

How can I register with Sainsbury’s Bank Account with mobile app?

Employees can register with Sainsbury’s bank account using the dedicated mobile app can manage your credit card, savings and loan accounts