Sainsbury’s Expands Nectar Prices Scheme, Introducing Discounts on Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

22 June 2023

In a bid to enhance its loyalty program, Sainsbury’s has announced the expansion of its Nectar Prices scheme to include enticing offers on fresh produce, marking a significant departure from its previous focus. This move comes in the wake of the scheme’s successful launch earlier this year.

Effective immediately, members of the loyalty program can take advantage of discounted prices on a wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables. For instance, strawberries, which are typically priced at £2.25, are now available at the Nectar Price of £1.75. Similarly, avocados, which usually cost £1.60, can now be purchased for £1.20, while tomatoes are priced at £1.75 instead of the regular £2.25.

The inclusion of over 2800 products in the Nectar Prices initiative, catering to its vast user base of 18 million individuals, demonstrates Sainsbury’s commitment to providing value for its customers. Furthermore, this extension encompasses not only fresh produce but also food-to-go items and ready meals, encompassing both branded and own-brand options.

Among the tantalizing selections of own-brand ready meals are Sainsbury’s popular offerings, including the beloved Taste the Difference fish pie, available at the reduced price of £3.75 compared to its usual £4.25. In addition, the Nectar Price for the delectable chicken tikka masala has been set at £3.75, down from £4.25, while the stonebaked margherita pizza now retails at £1.75, a significant reduction from its original £3.50.

Since the introduction of Nectar Prices in April, Sainsbury’s reports that customers have collectively saved a staggering £83 million. On average, shoppers have been able to pocket £3.20 in savings with each transaction, demonstrating the tangible benefits of the loyalty program.

Sam Burston, the Director of Nectar and loyalty at Sainsbury’s, expressed the supermarket’s commitment to constantly providing exceptional value to its customers throughout the year. By extending the scheme to encompass fresh produce and ready meals, Sainsbury’s aims to enable shoppers to stretch their budgets further while obtaining lower prices on a broader range of everyday essentials.

Burston also expressed delight at the positive response from customers thus far, emphasizing Sainsbury’s dedication to continually expanding and enhancing the Nectar Prices scheme in the future.

Sainsbury’s innovative approach to bolstering its loyalty program serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring a rewarding shopping experience for its patrons. With the incorporation of discounted prices on fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as an enticing selection of ready meals, Sainsbury’s is poised to solidify its position as a market leader in providing exceptional value to its loyal customers.

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